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Sustainability is good business

Responsible Hospitality

Bella Center Copenhagen is part of BC Hospitality Group. And at BC Hospitality, we strive to ensure sustainability at all times in every aspect of our business. We call our 360 degree strategic approach to sustainability “Responsible Hospitality”. We believe that sustainability is good business and find it important in terms of the environment, people and society as a whole.

Hospitality is at the core of everything we do. To us, hospitality is more than just providing the best possible service and delivering the highest possible quality to our guests and customers. It is about taking responsibility for our relationships with others by listening to and responding to our stakeholders, taking responsibility for the impacts of our business on society and the environment, and proactively contributing to positive change wherever possible. All of this makes our Responsible Hospitality a competitive advantage, while also contributing to the formation of common values for everyone involved.
We believe that operating a profitable business and fulfilling our social, environmental and economic responsibility are – and will remain – compatible goals. We choose the most sustainable solution, provided that it makes sense and adds value. To us, it is important fulfil our promise and to integrate Responsible Hospitality into every element of our work. We aim to establish the necessary structures, procedures and division of responsibilities to ensure that we act responsibly in economic, social and environmental terms.

Our Responsible Hospitality policy

  • We have pledged to support the UN Global Compact, which outlines ten principles on human rights, labour rights, environmental protection and anti-corruption, and to observe all local and international legislation.
  • We strive to build strong relationships with our stakeholders and, through ongoing dialogue, strengthen our knowledge and understanding of our stakeholders’ future. We can thereby maximise our impact and strengthen companies’ social responsibility in all of our business activities.
  • We leverage our position in the market to promote and strengthen sustainable development in our business practices and value chain through sustainable purchasing and sustainable products, services and communication channels.
  • We strive to be a preferred employer by offering a diverse workplace where all employees are treated fairly and with respect, and where they can realise their full potential.
  • We provide a healthy and safe environment for our staff, guests and business partners.
  • We aim to protect the natural resources we have an influence over and to ensure that all potential adverse effects on the environment and climate due to our activities are identified and managed.
  • We seek to create common values and development in the local communities where we operate by incorporating relevant activities into our business activities.
  • We require our suppliers to meet the standards set out in our ethical code of conduct for suppliers. These standards are based on the principles of the UN Global Compact and also include industry-specific sustainability requirements. 

Environment and Climate Policy

We aim to protect the natural resources under our influence and ensure that all potential adverse impacts of our operations on the environment and climate are identified and managed.


  • We will continue to improve our environmental performance and we will implement environmentally friendly solutions, wherever it makes economic and environmental sense without compromising the experience of quality and comfort at our hotels and venues
  • We will make the most efficient use of resources our energy, water and other natural resources, promoting conservation and savings wherever possible.
  • We will incorporate environmental considerations, including biodiversity and animal welfare into our actions and procurement decisions
  • We will raise awareness of environmental matters among our employees and stakeholders
  • We will optimize our waste reduction through recycling and limiting our use of hazardous materials where alternatives are available, economical and suitable.


Did you know that BC Hospitality Group also owns Denmark's most sustainable hotel Crowne Plaza Copenhagen Towers? 

Green Key
Bella Center Copenhagen is Green Key-certified. See more at the Green Key website.

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