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Sustainability is good business

Responsible Hospitality

Bella Center Copenhagen is a part of Bellagroup where we strive to ensure sustainability at all times in every prospect of our business. We call this 360 degree approach to sustainability “Responsible Hospitality”. We believe that sustainability is crucial to our business and find it important in terms of the environment, people and society as a whole.  

Energy savings in Bella Center Copenhagen
One of our many sustainable initiatives concerns reducing the total energy consumption in Bella Center Copenhagen. In order to optimize in this area, Bellagroup has collaborated with Schneider Electric in order to compose a new indoor climate strategy for Bella Center Copenhagen. The collaboration has enabled us to track our energy consumption in specific areas of the building, helping us determine new sustainable goals, based on the newly gathered data. 
A part of the transition has included informing and educating our staff about energy consumption and resource optimization in order for it to be at the forefront of their minds in regards to their respective work areas.

Read more about our commitment to integrating sustainability into our core business here 

Did you know that Bellagroup also owns one of Denmark's most sustainable hotels Crowne Plaza Copenhagen Towers? 

Green Key
Bella Center Copenhagen is Green Key-certified. See more at the Green Key website.

You are welcome to contact us via meetsales@bellagroup.dk.